Simple and High-end Jewelry Kiosk Unique Design Cabinet for Mall Display Sale

We can see all kinds of jewelry kiosks. If you want to open a jewelry shop in the mall, you can contact us. Because we are a many years customized kiosk company. We have our own factory and own design team. Or you can also view our website to learn more styles. But now let us look at this kiosk.

Jewelry Kiosk Description

jewelry liosk

First of all, the jewelry is mainly blue and white, combing with silver paint. It gives us a dream ocean picture. The basic material is MDF with silver baking paint. In order to illuminate jewelry, every counter has a led light bar, which can make your jewelry looks more shining. We also can see the luminous acrylic logo on the front.

jewelry liosk

You can see the big brand word”Eddie’s Jewelry Service”. That is the brand logo, a led light box, which can make your brand more catching. We can notice that many cabinets at the bottom, you can store the inventory conveniently. In the middle, there is an oblong separate counter for a charge.

jewelry liosk

More Details:

  • size: 3*2m/customized
  • usage: jewelry mall shop sale
  • design: 3d design and CAD drawings
  • service: several payment methods for your reference
  • accessories: tempered glass showcase ,hardware accessory, led light strips
  • material: MDF and baking paint

jewelry liosk

Design Details:

Because we are a completely customized company, so all kinds of kiosks are required to design according to your requirements. If you have no design idea, we can help you design one. We are based on the customer design concept and then communicate with customers. We will redesign many times to arrive at the customer’s satisfaction.

Last but not least, we have manufactured many kiosks for our customers. You can learn more about us and our products from our website. I will tell you that we charge the300$ design deposit, but it will return to you after you place an order.

Our 3D-designed products have a better stereoscopic and visual sense, we are many cooperative brands. Such as OLAY cosmetic kiosk, NIEA kiosk, Dior kiosk, etc.















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