Luxury jewelry display cabinets are on sale

In this era of rapid economic and technological development, people’s lives are getting better day by day. More and more people like luxury products, especially jewelry. Many people want to open a jewelry store, but worry about the configuration of the store. This article about the introduction of jewelry display cabinets hopes to help you.

Description of Jewelry Display Cabinet

This jewelry display case comes in black and white, a popular color in the jewelry world. Its black and white match highlights the sense of luxury. And placing the logo at the top will help customers see your store from a distance and increase


First of all, the materials of this cabinet are mainly MDF, acrylic logo, tempered glass, stainless steel. The base material is MDF, which has high performance, high moisture absorption and water absorption. And it is conducive to providing a dry storage environment for jewelry. After the MDF, we will paint the cabinet surface. In this way, the cabinet will be flat and smooth. Secondly, we use tempered glass to make the display case. We all know that jewelry is a valuable item, especially pearls and jade, which are easily damaged. Tempered glass is very resistant to falling and can effectively protect jewelry. Finally, we will install led lights in the interior, the light will illuminate the jewelry brighter, and it is easy to attract customers’ desire to


If you are interested in this cabinet, you can contact us. Our design team will make 3D design drawings according to your ideas. If you confirm that there are no problems with the design drawings. Then we will send you and confirm the construction drawings so that you can send them to the mall for approval. It is worth mentioning that we will charge 50% of the design fee before production, and then we will charge the remaining balance before

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