Luxury shopping mall jewelry cabinet with great market advantage

All along, the jewelry store business has never declined. Even more and more people have opened jewelry stores one after another. So, when we want to open a jewelry store, in addition to the price and service of the product itself, what else can improve the competitiveness of our jewelry in the market? I would say that jewelry store displays play an important role.

Description of Jewelry Store Display Cabinet

First of all, it is obvious that this jewelry display case is simple yet luxurious. It includes cabinet and display case. We use stainless steel to make the kicks of the cabinet, which makes the cabinet suspended. It is not easy to accumulate garbage, but easy to clean. We use MDF material to make the cabinet. MDF material absorbs moisture and has strong water absorption, which is conducive to keeping the jewelry in a dry environment. And the MDF material has a smooth surface, and after the surface is painted, it will become smoother and more beautiful, making the jewelry more luxurious. Secondly, we use tempered glass to make the display case, and the gradient black glass makes the jewelry more advanced.

As can be seen from the picture below, the height of a single cabinet of this display case is 90 cm, the length is 120 m, and the width is 40 cm. Inside, storage cabinets with double doors were made. There is also a lock designed on it to make your products more

Finally, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Our design team will make a 3D design drawing according to your request within 4-5 working days, so you can see the whole effect. If anything needs to be changed to the design, we will update it immediately. We will then send you the construction drawings so that you can get approval from the mall as soon as possible.

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