Round shape coffee service counter snack candy chocolate kiosk

Food is what we need every day. So if you do not know what a business can do, you can start a business to sell food. You can sell some low budget food to start a small business in the shopping mall. Such as candy, snacks, chocolate, milk and so on. To start such a food business, you need a food kiosk to display the product.

This is a round shape coffee service counter snack candy chocolate kiosk design. Let us see the details of this coffee service counter candy kiosk design together.



This food kiosk is a round shape with a top. The top of the ceiling has the poster surface finish. And hang on many spotlights. For the food kiosk design, the front has a small cashier counter with a logo. And a display fridge for the cake and some ready-made food. The customer can choose them directly.

Another display area is the shelf display, you can display many different kinds of foods. On the back side has a work counter to put the coffee machine, blender and a water sink. This work counter area is for the customer to prepare the food.



The material of this coffee candy food kiosk is MDF with baking paint. On each display shelf, we can add the led strip light can let the kiosk look more attractive. For the countertop, we suggest to use man-made stone or quartz stone material both are okay. Because it has to touch the water.



The packing of the food kiosk is foam inside and a wooden box outside. It includes all the accessories, the same lock with key, handle, logo and so on. When you receive the kiosk, put the food on it then you can start the business.

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