Attractive candy customized kiosk design for sale

As we all know, candy is popular by most people in any year. Even most people have idea to hold a candy shop for theirselves. Do you aslo have the same idea? Do you aslo want to have one candy shop for yourself? If you have this idea but you have not enough money, I will introduce you a affordable candy kiosk. It can reduce your cost.candy

Candy kiosk description

First of all, this candy kiosk is yellow, which is bright color that most children like. It’s shape is retangle. We use MDF to make the cabinet. MDF is a material that has well water proof. So it can provide a dry enviromment for your products. Besides, this material is very smooth. After rhe MDF, we will paint the finish so it will more smooth and bright. It will make your product more attractive. And the second, the kiosk has seven pillar. We use stainless steel to make the pillar to hold the ceiling. And the ceiling has many LED lights, which will brighten your candy. And at middle of the ceiling, you will see that it have one logo named daiziwan. If you have your logo name, we can design it for you. And if you haven’t your logo name, it has no problem. Because we can provide some idea about logo for you. And you can see below the logo, it has one product name brand on the cabinet. So when you order it, it will change to your product name which is candy. And above the cabinet is the showcase. we often use temper glass to make the showcase. The showcase is full with products looks like ladder, which is attractive.candy

And last but not least, if you have any idea about the kiosk, just feel free to contact us. Our design team will make the 3D design to you for check.



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