Colorful Candy Kiosk Gummies Showcase for Sale

Candy is a cured food, but a fatty food. People will eat candy or gummies to make themselves happy. But other bad news is that you will become fatty and your teeth will get broken. All in all, candy food is still popular among children. During Halloween, children will receive candy and they feel very happy. And if some education agency needs to hold an activity, candy will also have a big sale. So starting a candy booth is a very money-making business.

Layout design introduction

Candy kiosk

This candy kiosk has two sides, on this side, you can see three layers with many acrylic boxes, you can put different colors of candy in each layer. In the middle kiosk, we design a small purple counter for you to put some packed food. The top of the candy kiosk has many lollipops on it. Candy kiosk

From this side, we can see one door and a wood board shelf for putting food. Two-layer lollipop shelf at the corner. What’s more, there is a raised high cabinet with a food painting lightbox logo. It also has a luminous logo on the left counter. This candy kiosk has some colorful strip decorations besides a pink and purple counter. Candy kiosk

This candy kiosk design has an ice cream cabinet, you can sell ice cream at the same time. At the bottom of the candy kiosk, we can see the white counter base.

Order process

Every kiosk of our customized need a 3d design, our designers will take 3-5 working days to make a new design. You can have a modification idea, they will cooperate with you to modify it until the final confirmation. Then, I will send you the construction drawing for your review. The next time, I will keep your upgrade on the production process, because I will send you production pictures and video during the process.

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