Colorful and Attractive Candy Kiosk Lollipop Stand for Sale

candy display stand

Do you plan to start a candy business in the shopping mall? Sweet food and lollipops are popular among poeple because it gives us a good spirit and sweet taste. Here is a nice candy kiosk sharing with you.

Description of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk is set in the middle of the shopping center. It looks like a candy store. It includes a reception counter, display counter, wall cabinets, and roof with logos. The candy kiosk fits an area of 4m by 3m, we can also make it fit the location.

candy showcaseWall cabinets

There are 3 display cabinets at the back, it has 3 layers to place products. It has 3 different colors, that can place in candy boxes.  Each shelving has a light lamp to increase brightness.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter set on the front side, has a model of candy that looks very tempting. Next to it is a business name, that can promote your company culture well. Behind has storage cabinets for better use.

candy shop furnitureDisplay stand

There is two round display stand on two sides, it is a round shape with 3 layers of the display. The lollipops insert on the top, allowing people to select directly. At the bottom has advertising posters surrounding it, which is good to attract people.


There is a large round ceiling on the top with a business logo on 3 sides. People can view your business from distance. It has metal support on the top roof. And the lighting attaches under the ceiling to highlight the candy shop.

The real effect of candy kiosk

You can also decorate the candy kiosk according to your needs. Then you can get your ideal kiosks as the design shows.

candy showcase   candy store cabinet

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