Summer is coming, roll ice cream will come into very hot sale reason. Are you planning to open roll ice cream kiosk in mall ? Today I will share a style popular roll ice cream kiosk with cheaper costs to you.

Design idea

The customer found his favorite style on our website and contacted us, he told us his business plan and needs, we told him we could customize it for him, and can give him good suggestions on design. Our designer created a new 3D design based on his size and requirements, with some modifications in the process. And our designers will make the design more reasonable and better according to the customer’s ideas. So all our 3D designs are derived from the ideas of our customers and designers, so tell us your needs, and our designers will make it perfectly reflected in the design and show you!

This roll ice cream kiosk design is very elegant and attractive. At first sight. you can be attracted with those colorful round dots. Yes , they are very special and attractive for whole set kiosk. Outside the kiosk is stickers,use stickers’s advantage. Even if these round dots is broken, you still can add new on the kiosk.

Of course,we also can make these round dots for acrylic light. If you prefer like fancy and can consider make acrylic light , like below this bubble tea kiosk. This kind also have defect,like if acrylic dity,not easy to clean it. Once there is one round acrylic light is broken ,will effect whole light effect .

Real photos as below:

This looks great, doesn’t it? The main material is MDF and baking paint, which has a hard texture and a smooth surface, treat with baking varnish, will make the counter have a very good luster. It looks very advanced and modern.

After the customer confirms the final 3D design and construction drawings and pays the 50% deposit of the order, we can arrange production. Our workers will produce exactly according to the design and construction drawing, make sure that the design you confirm is the same as what you received. During the production period, we are not allowed to make modifications. Once the modifications are made, the cost will be paid by the customer, which also extends the production time. If you need, during production our salesman will send you production pictures and videos to let you know our production steps.

About the assembly

Our workers will assemble each part into a whole kiosk for your confirmation after finishing the production. Then do the whole kiosk cleaning and divide it into several parts for shipment. We will mark each part with a number, such as 1,2,3,4,etc. When you receive it, you can put them together and connect the wires according to the numbers and construction drawings, the kiosk can work normally.

Customize a set roll ice cream mall kiosk, we are professional and not only need meet your requirments. And also use good materials and provide good quality to confirm everything is nice.

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