roll ice cream mall kiosk with glossy white laminate finish

Summer is coming, roll ice cream will come into very hot sale reason, are you planning to open roll ice cream kiosk in mall ? today I will share a style popular roll ice cream kiosk with cheaper costs to you.

this roll ice cream kiosk design is very elegant and attractive , first sight , you can is attracted with those colorful round dots , yes , they are very special and attractive for whole set kiosk , they are stickers , use stickers’s advantage , even if these round dots is broken , you still can add new on the kiosk ,  real photos as below

of course , we also can make these round dots for acrylic light , if you prefer like fancy and can consider make acrylic light , like below this bubble tea kiosk . this kind also have defect , like if acrylic dity , not easy to clean it , once there is one round acrylic light is broken , will effect whole light effect .

secondly , about materials , in general for food kiosk , especial to america big mall , like GGP , simon , mall prefer like use glossy laminate surface , so this set kiosk we use white gloosy laminate , for laminate we will use china some brand , of course if you have requirements or mall requirements , have to use some abroad big brand , like Formica , or Wilsonart, we also can use it , but cost will is a little high than  china brand .

customize a set roll ice cream mall kiosk, we are professional and not only need meet your requirments and but also use good materials and provide good quality to confirm everything is nice.

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