Retail food kiosk small coffee stand with glass to San Francisco

Do you like to drink coffee? Coffee is one of the world’s popular drinks. It’s the best time to earn money by opening a coffee kiosk in a shopping center. The small coffee stand does not require a lot of capital, and it is easy to make a profit. This is why coffee stand has become one of the best business plans.

coffee showcase

Retail coffee stand in the mall

People drink coffee and eat sandwiches for breakfast. And we can see many coffee shop owners also sell sandwiches, bread, and cakes to earn more money. However, if you want to start a second business, a 2.5m by 1.6m small coffee stand works well.

Description of a small coffee kiosk

As we can see in the picture, it has a working counter, bill counter, brand logo wall, glass display cabinet, top ceiling, and lock cabinet.

The front counter is complex in shape with red and white color decoration. A cashier register on the counter for billing payment. While the top ceiling has a big brand logo. People know your business and service better.

coffee cart

The side is a working bench with coffee machines. There is a glass panel to separate clients from the working counter. Front of it is glass display cabinets, which can use as a display showcase area to place more items for sale. Such as coffee beans, etc.

The back is regarded as an image wall to show your sign and company culture. While the top ceiling has lightboxes with delicious coffee pictures. People will be attracted by delicious coffee and stop to buy a cup.

Decoration ideas

This is a very modern coffee cabinet, simple but not simple, it is very in line with the aesthetics of contemporary people. This design is inspired by our customers and designers. Good design work takes time and effort. We spent 3 weeks getting the final design proposal. I think it’s worth it.

coffee stand

Material introduction


This coffee kiosk is made up of MDF. It is used to make the kiosk body. It gives the coffee stand a strong body and good quality. Because MDF is chemically stable and can be made into unique shapes.

Baking paint

We usually use bright paint to give the display cabinet a good-looking appearance. For example, it is shiny, changing colors, and easy to maintain. More importantly, it can make your display case look new after many years.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass usually uses in the display area. Which not only can better display the products but more importantly, can prevent theft. We use 8mm tempered glass to make it. All the glass showcase has a light strip for bright.

coffee booth

How to make the coffee kiosk design?

First, find a location to start a business. We need to consider rent and location. Usually, the rent for a good location is very expensive, we need to decide according to our budget.

Second, choose a coffee stand decoration. It must have to meet the taste of target people. When they agree with the shop decoration, they will buy coffee in your shop and even introduce us to their friends.

Third, make a 3D model according to basic rules. Usually, the landlord has requirements about coffee kiosk decoration and layout. We should take their opinion into consideration.

Forth, choose a final design to start. We can first choose a favorite coffee kiosk. And send the drawing to the landlord for approval. Then move on to the next step. If they have questions, we can also explain the details directly.

Finally, production the coffee kiosk and start business. Production time is 22-25 working days. Delivery time is about 28 days after sail. Please leave enough time to receive it. Thank you

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