Wooden Material Cafe Booth Food Business in the Shopping Mall

Coffee originated in Arab countries and has a long history of more than 2,000 years. It is now a cultural symbol. Just like we Chinese have tea culture, it has been introduced to Europe in the 17th century and has developed to this day. It has become popular among people in the world. It is the most popular beverage for Westerners.

The total annual world coffee sales are as high as 400 billion cups, ranking second only to petroleum trade. Why is coffee so popular in this cup? In fact, coffee is a form of concentrated expression of Western culture. From a cup of refreshing in the morning, a cup of lunch at noon. And a cup of coffee at dinner to spend a happy time with family and friends. Western friends often gather or negotiate business with colleagues and friends, and they love to do it in their favorite coffee shop.

Retail mall coffee kiosk design

This coffee kiosk size is 4 x 4 x 3 m. And the main material is the plywood, solid wood panel. The front has a display fridge, to show the beverage. On the side we have the bar area, the customer can have a coffee here and chat with friends.

On the top of the coffee kiosk, we can add your logo on it then the customers can see your coffee brand. The ceiling, we make it a black color metal frame with the grid. And it hangs on some ceiling lights for decoration it can light up the coffee kiosk also. On the back side of the coffee kiosk, it is big posters with a grid wall and the wooden display shelves. The countertop of the coffee kiosk also solid wood material and good quality.


How to order a coffee kiosk?

This customer contacts us and want to make a coffee kiosk design. He said the shopping mall manager asked them to show a coffee kiosk to them to get the location. And then the customer paid 300$ to us and we start to make this coffee kiosk for him. Usually, for some good location in the shopping mall, the management of the shopping mall will require a good kiosk design otherwise they cannot get this location.

So what can we do for you is to make a unique and good kiosk design for you. Then you can show this kiosk to the shopping mall to get their approval and rent this location to start your own business. We will work together with you and make the 3d design with your and the shopping mall’s requirements. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to tell us. Our design team will do it and change the design until we get approval from the shopping mall.

What we do and how to make a coffee counter?

Our company has more than ten years of experience now. We mainly do the food kiosk like the coffee kiosk, bubble tea kiosk, smoothies kiosk, ice cream kiosk, yogurt kiosk and so on. The kiosk design all customized and all good quality. You can make sure that you will get exactly what you want from our company. We will offer the best price and the best quality of the coffee kiosk to you. Not only for indoor shopping mall, but we also make outdoor kiosk. It means whatever the business you want to do, we can make your dream come true. This is what we do and it is our specialty. For the size and design, we can customize as you want. Just feel free to contact us to make a unique cafe counter to start your coffee business. Thanks!

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