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coffee kioskDo you want to have your own business in the coffee field? Do you want to choose a high quality coffee kiosk? And do you want to use cheaper price to buy a nice coffee kiosk? If you want to have your own business in the coffee field. Now please read this article carfully. I think you will feel satisifed after read this article.

Nowadays, more and more people want to drink coffee, it can let people more energetic. When people feel boried and tired, drink a cup of coffee is a good chioce to let them feel excied. Due to more and more pepole have this need. So the coffee kiosk become more popular recent years. Now, let me tell you a unique kiosk from Shenzhen Unique Fruniture Ltd.

About this coffee kiosk deisgn:

As you can see, the whole kiosk use green as the mainly color and match some other colors on it, like write, brown, and the logo use red color. The whole color is very attract people. Not only the color, but also the layout also very nice. Outside the kiosk have write two floor display showcase, and next to the showcase is a counter to

coffee kiosk

cash register, you can put a cashier on it. Next to this area, you can see have a tempered glass display showcase. It use to display many things you want to put it. On the other side, you can see a sink on the kiosk ,and it have a floor contect the two sides. What is more, you can see a tall pillar. It can use for dispaly Led box or menu or poster. You can choose to put what you want to put it. Besides, you can see have many stainless steel to put other ingredients, and it use the tempered glass to protect them. On the inside, you can also see many cabinets. It can use for machines and other things you want to put it.

More information about it:

The size: 4X3m. Or we can customized for you according to your requirements.

The color: Green,brown, write, red. Or we can customized for you according to you like.

The material: Plywood with laminite finish, tempered glass, stainless steel, man-made stone, acrylic logo and others.

coffee kioskThe serives: We will respond our customer within 24 hours. And we are one-stop serives.

What us can do for you?

First, after you sent inquiry to our site, our friendly salesman will contact you and tell you more details about the product you want. Then you have got the similar model you want, our salesman will suggest you to make a deisgn. Because a direct 3D deisgn can direct respond your requirements and convenient to modifiy it. The design need 2 days to make it and the kiosk deisgn despoit is about 300$. But don’t worry, the price will get back to you, when you decided to take a order. Moreover, if you have got the deisgn you need before you talk to our salesman and needn’t our company to make design for you. You just need send the design you want and our company will to make it for you. After finishied these things, our factory will to make it for you. The producting time is about 25 days. Our salesman will send the pictures and the video about your product day by day, until we finshed it. After finshed your product, our salesman will talk to you and prepare to ship it to you.

All in all, if you want to have you own business, our company will help you to make a durable and nice kiosk for you. If you have any question feel free contact us. We will always online and we are ready to help you. Welcome inquiry!

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