American style coffee kiosk use for the shopping mall

Coffee is becoming more and more popular among young people. Due to the huge pressures of work and life, many people lack sleep. The refreshing effect of coffee allows young people to maintain a sober and active state. Coffee also has a unique taste that meet peoples’ demand.

We are glad to know that you are going to open a coffee business in the shopping mall. If you don’t know how to make your coffee booth stand out, please follow me and learn more about this retail mall coffee kiosk. It may help you a lot.


Americal style coffee kiosk design

Coffee kiosk layout plan

For the layout of the coffee kiosk, you can let us know your idea. For example this layout of the coffee kiosk. We can see from the 3d picture of this coffee kiosk, the front of the middle has a cake glass display cabinet.

On the back side, it put some equipment on the countertop and undercountertop. It has some black metal display shelves to put some tableware.


The material of the coffee booth

For this coffee booth, because it is use in the shopping mall. Then we use normal material plywood with laminate. For the countertop of the coffee kiosk, it is white color man-made stone.

And also, this design has some black line design, it is black metal frame. Surface with some glass design, we can use tempered glass material. The material of the logo on the top is acrylic letters.


Coffee kiosk design idea

For the size of this coffee kiosk is about 4x4m. And around the coffee kiosk, it has some tables and chairs. This dinning area can for the customers to sit and have a coffee.

Some coffee kiosk they do not provide the seating area. It is maybe because they only do take-away food. This point we can design as your need or according to your location size.


Customize coffee kiosk service

Why we should make a customize coffee kiosk?

When you find us, you may got a location size or just thinking to open a coffee kiosk. If you already got a location in the shopping mall, you need to create a coffee kiosk for your own. Because each customer has different size of their location in the shopping mall.

So at the first, we need to make a new 3d model with a new kiosk design with you size.The new 3d coffee kiosk design not only can with your size, but also can add your logo. If you have your own brand logo, we can add it on the coffee kiosk. That is why we need to customize a 3d coffee kiosk for you.


How to start a coffee kiosk design? Will it charge me?

Yes, for the customize 3d coffee kiosk design will charge 300$ design deposit. This is a small deposit for us to start the project. After we receive the 300$ design deposit of the coffee kiosk we will start to make it.

Our designer will send the 3d design within 3-5 working days. And if need any changes for the coffee kiosk, we can make the changes for you. For the revsion service no more charges.


After we confirm the final 3d design, what is the next step?

Because usually we need to send the 3d design of the coffee kiosk to the mall for approval. And then, after the shopping mall approve the 3d design, we will make the construction drawing for you.

We will quote the price to you for the coffee kiosk. Meanwhile, we will send the construction drawing before start the production. After you confirm the construction drawing and we receive the 50% deposit, we will start the production.



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