Solid wood material of the coffee kiosk retail food booth

Coffee is very famous all over the world. Many people want to open the coffee food business. Our company helps many customers to open their business. What we can do is to make a new coffee kiosk to meet you and the mall management’s requirements and then get it done.

If you are looking for a coffee kiosk for the shopping mall, you are in the right place. We can customize a new coffee kiosk for you and make it exactly what you want. Hope this post can give you some ideas about the retail coffee mall kiosk.


Coffee kiosk for shopping mall

The layout of the coffee kiosk

Look at the 3d design of this coffee kiosk, we can see the front side has a glass display window. In this glass display window, you can display some foods, like the cake, the dessert and so on. On the countertop, it has a small cash register. This area can for the customer to order the coffee food and pay here.

The two sides of the front has some wooden display shelves. They can for you to put some cups or other tableware. On the back side of the coffee kiosk, it has a water sink. It is a two compartment sink. We can make the sink single sink, two compartment sink or three compartment sink for you.


The size of the coffee kiosk

The size of this coffee kiosk is about 3x2m. And the left side of the coffee kiosk has a display fridge. The size of this display fridge is about 1.2m length.

If you use other size of the display fridge, you can let us know. We can leave the space for the equipment under the countertop. If you have the equipment list, that is better. We can draw them in 3d and make the design better.

The size of the coffee kiosk we can customize as you need. Because it according to what size of the location the shopping mall gives you. You need to discuss with the shopping mall manager for the size of the kiosk and rent etc.


The material of the coffee kiosk

We can see from the 3d design of this coffee kiosk, it is wood color. So for the material, we can use plywood as the basic material. Because for the food kiosk, we need to use hard material and waterproof material. Then we usually not use MDF as the basic material. Because MDF cannot resist the water well. But for the food kiosk, we also can use MDF and the countertop use stone material. That is because if it not sock in the water for a long time, it is totally ok.

And for the surface finish – the wood color. We can use laminate or solid wood material. They are both strong and durable material for the food kiosk. You can choose the color from our material sample.


Customize coffee kiosk design service

After you get the size of the coffee kiosk from the shopping mall, please get back to us. The customize 3d design service will charge 300$ design deposit. And then our design team will make a new 3d model for the coffee kiosk according to your need. You can send us the favorite style of the coffee kiosk. If you have the brand logo, please send it to us and then we will add it on the coffee kiosk.

Usually, we need to send the 3d design of the coffee kiosk to the shopping mall management. If all ok, we will make the detailed CAD drawings to you. It has all the details on the drawings. It include the size, the material, the color, the floor plan ( because the whole kiosk will divided into a few parts ).

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