Children clothes shop design can be roughly divided into the following: clean and simple kids clothing stores, lovely and colorful children clothing shops, fashion high-end children clothing stores. Today, I introduce a lovely and colorful children clothing shop design, which it locates in the street.

There are two windows –in front and side. We place display shelves on both positions. Customers can see the interior design, products if they pass by the windows. Consider it, when you place the products, we advise you to put the latest style, attract things on those shelves.

In the middle, there are small stands. Put shoes, small handbags and cap on it. It is easy for children to see their favorite products. The color of the whole shop is colorful, it is similar to the candy store with colorful display shelves. The reception desk is very delicate, behind it, it is a background wall with LOGO, storage cabinets, and display racks to show products or toys. Besides, all the storage cabinets with lock and key.

In order to place more display furniture, sometimes, we place some unique shapes of furniture in the corner—–they can fit it. Generally, we add several lightboxes on the walls. It better decorates the style of the whole store. The posters can show your products to customers. Also, you can change new posters in different season. Of course, reserve seating area and fitting room. There is a fitting room on the right side of the reception desk in this shop. And the door of the fitting room with mirrors. In front of mirrors is seating room.

If you are ready to open a clothes shop, please feel free to contact us. We will help you design a new style clothing shop!


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