Clothes store fixtures service is very welcome. When you walked in a shopping mall or street, you will find there has so many clothes store service.  it’s for Men’s, women’s, children’s and more.  in this article, the one what I wanna share is a very exquisite clothes store for your meet. if you’re interested to start your own clothing store, it’s very helpful to see more details below. 

We can see the whole store mainly decoration tome is white. the furniture is in black and yellow. you can see the left and right sides is high clothing display rack with glass cover, it mainly for clothes display.  at the back sides is yellow color display rack, can display clothes, a hat, and some accessories display.

In the middle of the whole store are two tables and two”L” shape bar counter. it’s very good to display T-shirts and pants. the front part is a white reception deck. is a white match a little black, match a lightbox. looks very modern and fashion.

Basic information about this clothes store fixtures.

  •       Size: 6000X6000mm.
  •       Color: white, black and yellow.
  •       Material:  MDF,  
  •       Service: clothes.
  •       Accessories: LED light, glass. lightbox.
  •       Price: 8200usd.( 100% customized and high quality) 

How can I customized a clothes store like this one?

At first, you need to be confirmed the whole shop styles and size. try to get a lease in the mall or store.  learn the mall requirement about the counter build. such as the base material, logo material, height permitted and more.

The second is to find a professional design team helps you make a 3d design and drawings. it’s very easy to get the mall approval. and then will start production it as the drawings.

The last step is to ship and install. usually is shipping by sea, for the install is very easy. on our drawings, we already according to the structure cut into several reasonable parts. so, when you receive it, just put them together is ok. 

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article can give you some ideas. more info or other related design, please direct contact us here, welcome inquiry! 

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