New idea for concrete clothing store interior decoration furniture design

Some are modern clothing stores, some are popular clothes shops. However, some clothing store sense of nature, calm, and curiosity. Such as concrete clothing store. It makes people calm and wants to visit it—curiosity.

There is a magic to attract you to go in it to see clothes and interior design. There is no big lightbox with the poster, LED strips, lighted LOGO, and luxury display furniture inside. But you still want to visit it. The basic material of this shop is concrete, including all the walls, ceiling, and floor. The furniture inside is close to the color of concrete. Like the curve reception desk, the sofa in the waiting area.

Also, all the display furniture are steel shelves: both walls, on the back of the reception desk. All lighting from spotlights on the ceiling, which is located upon the clothes and front desk. Among them, there is a special light on the ceiling.  It likes a well. Light regards as water in a well. So it makes the reception desk brighter than other areas.

It is not very highlighted in clothing shops, but it can make people sense of calm. The customer is fonding of this style. We are mainly customized furniture for our customers in shops and kiosks. Whilst help them design new shops, to show their ideas and requests in reality, so that they can see how loos like shop in advance. Above is one of our clothing shops, it is an example for you reference.

If you any interested, please feel free to contact us to help you design new shop and provide unique furniture in your store.


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