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Nowadays, compared to choose some fashionable clothes, more and more people prefer sports clothes. Especially the people who regularly participate in sports. Sports clothes are very comfortable, and quality very good. It can meet your high-intensity exercise needs.

When you go shopping mall, you will easy to find there are many sports clothing stores. Some famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. To meet people’s needs, more and more sports clothing stores are opened.

For a sports clothing store, it no needs very fancy and colorful, most important is it need to be functional and looks comfortable.

Today I wanna share with you a multifunctional sports clothing store:

sports clothing store

Please see this sports clothing store, it is not big, only 42 sq meters,6m by 7m, but the shop is very functional. 

It sells sports clothes, sports shoes, also sell sports balls and tools, sports watches etc. So in this shop, you can get almost all sports products you need.

sports clothing store

The right side and left side are wall shelves and racks used to display clothes and sports products. the middle comes with two stands. Then go inside will be some balls display and two sofas for customers to sit.

sports clothing store sports clothing store

How to make a customized clothing shop?

Our designer will make a new clothing store design with your shop size. Please send us if you have the floor plan of your shop.

For the design we will charge 500-800USD design deposit. But it will deduce from the total cost, so in fact, it is for free.

Our designer will make the 3D design within 3-5 working days.

We will revise the design until we get approval from the shopping mall.

After the customer confirms the final 3D design, we will move forward to the construction drawing.


You may have the following questions:

1.what’s the sports clothing store price?

A: I met many customers will wanna a price to see if meet their budget. Because we do customize, so will know your shop size and what kind of style you want first. Then we can arrange a layout for you to see how much furniture your shop can put to give you a rough price for your ref.

2. I want to open a clothes shop, but I have no idea how to start?

A: No worries. To start a clothes shop, firstly you need to find a good location. Then you need to check your shop size and inside layout. Then you need to think you will sell what clothes, you have what products; after finish these, you need check maybe you wanna what style shop decoration, at this time, you need to find a professional design team helps you arrange detail layout for your fittings and design your whole shop for you see the effect.

3. How long I can get the shop furniture?

A: For production will as usually need 25-30 work days, shipping will need according to your location to check.

If you want to see more models and more details, can click our web:



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