some ideas about clothing shop design share with you

When you enter a shopping mall, as usual, you will find the largest number is the clothing shops. 

last week I went to a high-end shopping mall, found some new clothing shops were opened. Different from many normal shops, they are very special and unique. When you the first eye you see them, you will be attracted by them. To attract customers, more and more shops will choose a unique and creative shop style.

To make your clothing shop unique and attractive really not an easy thing, shop design is very important.

Here share some ideas about clothing shop design: need according to clothes style to choose suitable shop style

The clothes can be divided into four major categories, for ladies and girls, for men, Childen, and underwears.

ladies and girls clothing shop as usually need to be elegant, fashion style; men’ clothing shop as usually need to be some dark color, looks high-end; children’ shop need be very lovely and fancy to attract children.

clothing shop design clothing shop design

left is a clothing shop for kids, you can see it used colorful colors, pink, light green, light blue match white. And did some building block design, looks lovely. Right is a clothing shop for ladies, the dark golden mental design matches red feature wall, whole shop design is very luxury.

2. make your window area design very attractive

The main task of the window display is to attract people’s attention. Almost all clothing shop will have a window display near the door. The window display will face people directly, so it plays an important role. If you have a very unique and attractive window display. people will feel very curious, want to go inside have a look.

Let’s see some window display ideas:

clothing shop design clothing shop design

left is a lady clothes shop window display, some ladies are dancing there; the right side is a shop sell Winter clothing, when you saw this display may be you also feel cold, lol.

3. The feature wall need be special 

clothing shop design clothing shop design

4. add some creative decorations in your shop design

clothing shop design clothing shop design

add some creative decorations, maybe some unique modeling on the ceiling, maybe some unique display racks. Green plants also a good idea to make your shop looks more creative.

Hope these ideas can give you some help. If you desire to open a clothing shop, you will need to find a professional design team helps you. Unique can help you, we have designed team designed clothing store more than 10 years.

For more details, just feel free contact us to discuss.

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