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Since reform and opening up,people are particular about clothes,especial for its demand more and more big

The streets are full of cloth store,but it seems still not satisfy people’s desire for clothing to pursue.

There are all sorts of styles of clothing in the market now.development trend of garment industry is immeasurable.

That’s why more and more customers want to open their own fashion cloth shopfitting .


Well before you want to open a new shop you need make a shop drawings ,right

Today I would like to share some ideas of the design of fashion cloth shop with all of you :

  • Firstly you need make sure your shop size and settle down  a layout
  • And when decided what kinds and its price cloth you will sell
  • Looking for some ideas of reference design you want to make
  • Make shop design based on your size and design details request.

When the preparations were made ,now we need to find a designer to work start your shop design now.

  • 1. you need to choose what styles of shop furniture you will need .for cloth shopfitting ,normally there are so many mental and stainless steel can display thousands of cloth styles you selling .
  • 2.the models are needed , the main function to display most newest and hot selling style in this can helps to attractive customers and increase your sales .
  • 3.the lights of the will make your shop more comfortable and that the customers can stay longer in your shop.sometime can offer some leisure coffee and afternoon tea for customers .
  • 4.the most important actually the taste of what clothing you you agree with me ?

Above are some of my personal ideas of fashion cloth shopfitting design ,if you plan to open new shop

You can feel free to contact Shenzhen Unique custom furniture factory ,we can offer you all in one service to you

From design -production -installation -shipping . thanks for your reading .





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