Remarkable Shape Sunglass Shop furniture Design Glass Kiosk for Sale

Sunglass is a sign of fashion, belonging to the type of stylish clothes. We will wear them when we go on travel or wear it as a fashionable decoration.  This is a beautiful sunglass shop interior design, we can see that this sunglass shop is made up of several single counters. Let us know more details about it.

Description of the sunglass shop

At first sight, we can notice the sunglass furniture counter has different figures. Including four display counters, a cashier counter, and an image counter.

sunglass kiosk

  1. The cashier counter is made of plywood with a white baking painting, which looks bright and smooth. In addition, baking paint is an environmentally protect material. At the cashier register, you can put your machine.
  2. These display counters are made of plywood, with a wood grain color. This is its special place because glass kiosks are usually made with MDF and smooth baking paint. We can see their hollow shape, with several layers and pink and white show boxes to put sunglass.
  3. The image counter is a rectangle wooden counter, with a big poster light drawer on two sides. Every brand needs its logo image shown because it can improve people’s trust in your products.

sunglass kiosk

Details introduction about sunglass kiosk

First, you can see each counter below the small counter has a white counter with drawers. Second, each counter has a model poster on it. That can show customers the true effect of products. Third, we can see the acrylic letter logo on the cashier counter and display counter. Moreover, the white small counter’s skirting area is stainless steel material. This counter function is to lift up the wood grain display counter. Importantly, our design includes floor design, you can see the floor decoration is silver color. It can show a high-end effect.

sunglass kiosk

Service and design

The first thing you need to do is send us your favorite styles, we have a professional design team to help you design kiosks according to your requirements. After you pay the money we start to manufacture for you. Before shipping, you need to pay the balance.


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