New design optical display cabinet retail shopping mall display booth

As mobile phones and computers are gradually entering thousands of families, school children vision issues are also growing. Not only the students but also many office staffs have poor eyesight. Using computers for a long period of time, for instance, damages our eyesight. Then you may need an optical to help you to see better. 

In the shopping mall, we can see many display booths selling many kinds of products. If you want to start an optical business, you can make an optical kiosk also. This is a new design optical display cabinet retail shopping mall display booth design we have a look together.



This is an optical display booth with serval parts. On the four corners has four L shape optical display stands. There are three display stands with the same design for displaying the optical products. It is the wooden display shelf and the design is round shape.

One L shape counter for the cashier counter and has one side for the display area also. The middle of the display booth has a display table and the display rack attached to the wall.



For people who want to start an optical kiosk business, need to get a location first. Then we need to make a customized 3d design customize with the size of your location. Our design team will make a new 3d model according to your need. You can send us if you have a brand logo or any other requirements.

After you finalize the final 3d design of the optical kiosk, we will make the construction drawing for you. Inside has all the details for the size, material, and so on. Before we start the production, we will confirm all the details with you.

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