Shopping mall sunglass kiosk colorful eyewear booth ship to UK

Sunglasses are not only a fashion garniture, but also can protect our glasses when we go out. So it is always popular with people. If you’ve got a mall location and want a sunglasses display booth, this article will be helpful for your reference. You have come to the right place and this article will be helpful for your reference.



This eyewear kiosk has a few colors, which look very fashionable and attractive. It has display area with shelf display and on each display shelf install the led strip light. We install light box posters and add the logo on the kiosk design, which can not only attract customers but also show people your brand products and services. A full-length mirror is installed in a display cabinet, which is very convenient for customers to try on sunglasses as a reference.

The material is MDF with baking paint, but on this sunglass kiosk has the metal frame. You can see the black metal frame on the kiosk design.



Let’s notice the floor in the kiosk. We are a custom factory and can provide different styles of flooring, if you need we can make custom flooring for you based on your size and requirements. The floor can make your kiosk more unique and stand out. The material of the kiosk flooring we usually use plywood as the base and surface finish is PVC flooring. Tile also can as the surface finish if you want.

And the floor installation method is very simple. In order to make it easier to ship, our workers will divide the floor into several pieces and pack them. After you receive it, you can use it normally by splicing several parts together.

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