Hello everyone, welcome to our website. Today I want to introduce a Reception desk bar counter use retail counter to USA . The reception desk, as its name suggests, is the place to receive customers. The reception desk is one of the modern corporate positions, usually responsible for customer visits and registration, telephone transfer and other matters.

Reception desk design concept:

1. The design of a reception desk needs to consider a lot of things, the image of the company, the environment around the reception desk, the height and size of the reception desk, and so on.

2. On behalf of the company’s image, to be beautiful, attractive and practical.

3. With the company’s philosophy and longing for the theme of the design of a unique sense of concept.

reception desk

Reception desk material:

The reception desk is classifie into a marble front desk, a paint front desk, a solid wood front desk and a panel front desk. Most of the marble front desks are arrange in the wide 1 storey office lobby. The marble front desk is the most high-grade of its kind.

The base material of the paint front is spray with environmentally-friendly green paint on the surface of the MDF. It is repeatedly bake in the paint room. he front desk is bright and smooth after painting. It is very beautiful. The front desk of the solid wood type is relatively rare.

First, its workmanship is medium-density board with solid wood skin. Second, the craft is consistent with the solid wood desk and the solid wood manager table. Third, the most affordable is of course the board front desk. The most important, the environmentally-friendly sheet of the material grade E1 or above is the top grade. Also it is used in combination with the steel bracket. The style is diverse, the structure is simplifie. And the economy is affordable, which is favored by small and medium-size companies.

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