Popular Style Wood and black Finishing Coffee Kiosk in Mall

coffee kiosk

With the fast development of society, people can easily buy coffee in the shopping center, streets, and even coffee shops. Every coffee kiosk in the mall has a unique design, layout, and colors. You should also choose an excellent coffee kiosk so that customers will notice you at the beginning.

Coffee kiosk introduction

This coffee kiosk includes a display counter, glass showcase cabinet, workbench, cashier counter, and dining table. You can also add lighting, brand signs to the kiosk. The size is 3m by 2m, we can also make it other sizes according to your needs.

coffee counterCashier counter

The cashier counter is set behind the brand name stand, the cashier counter is also near the entrance door. There is a black display counter near the POS table, which with 2 layer glass showcase to show items. Near it is a workbench, employees can prepare coffee here.

Glass display showcase

There are two glass display showcases on two corners, it has a light lamp on each layer to show products. On the countertop has a round plate with backlit, an L shape wall separating the glass showcase from other counters, looks creative.

coffee showcase

Display table

Between the two glass display showcase is a long display table. It has two stairs to show coffee with a label on the top. The front body has a brand logo and background stickers. While behind the counter are space for storage.

Dining table

There is an L-shaped display wall with a place on the left-hand side. It uses as a dining table with bar chairs, consumers can sit down and enjoy coffee.

coffee standMaterial information

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Wood veneer, a white laminate, black laminate

Glass: Tempered glass or Ultra-clear glass

Kick: Stainless steel

Other materials: Flooring, light, acrylic sign, menu board, etc.

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