Retail mall coffee kiosk small size cafe bean display stand

To make a coffee kiosk is a good idea to start the coffee business. If you want to start a coffee business in the shopping mall, a coffee kiosk is good for you to run the business. Although not big size, a small kiosk can help you to start a business with a small budget.

It has many coffee kiosks in the shopping mall, but how to make a good coffee kiosk design to be more attractive? This is a question many businessmen want to know. Here you can find some answers for how to make a coffee kiosk design to fit your business.


This coffee kiosk also sells coffee beans. It has a small L shape bar area with bar chairs for the customer can taste the coffee here. The kiosk layout is a small cashier area, display area and the logo pillar. For the layout of the coffee kiosk, we can make several concepts for your reference. Then you can choose the best one.

The material of the coffee kiosk or other food kiosk, we usually use plywood with laminate. If some shopping mall has other special requirement for the material, you can tell us and we will try the best to meet it. And the countertop can use man-made stone material or quartz stone material.



The most important part to start a coffee kiosk business is a good coffee kiosk design. Our design team can make a new 3d coffee kiosk design with your size and logo. Because different customer get different location and they are different size. And also, they has their own brand logo. When you check the 3d coffee kiosk design, we can make some changes for you.

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