Round Shape Coffee Counter Retail Cafe Booth Design for Sale

coffee counterAre you looking for a nice coffee kiosk and starting a business? Many people like to drink coffee because of its delicious taste, coffee can also keep us awake and improve energy. Today, I want to share a nice coffee bar counter design with you.

Round shape coffee bar counter

A unique coffee bar counter let your shop outstanding. And can also make clients remember you well. That’s the reason why businessman uses modern and special service kiosks for business. This coffee bar counter diameter is 3m, with a workbench, storage cabinets, brand sign, display cabinets, etc.

cafe counter

coffee boothIntroduction of the coffee kiosk

Layout information

This coffee kiosk is in a round shape, we can place the coffee machine on the counter table. Under counter has full of drawers to fit that counters. There is a screen facing the public, clients can see their order and bill directly. Near the entrance has a high display stand with brand signs and lighting.


coffee kiosk

Not like other kiosk entrance doors, this kiosk has a flap door that opens upwards. That can be used as a workbench when the door is closed. Very convenient and useful.

Material show

The basic material is MDF to build the kiosk body. The surface material is white glossy baking paint and wood veneer. Workbench table material is stone, while the dining table is tempered glass. Other materials include lighting, stainless steel, etc.

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