Popular style 3m×3m juice booth stand fresh fruit kiosk to Africa

With the fast development of society, most people wants to open their own business and make a fortune. If you are looking for a good day to earn more money, open a juice booth stand can help us a lot. Now everyone wants to taste delicious food and drink, as it will give us a good spirit. Especially in hot weather, no one will refuse iced juice. What do you think? Today, I want to introduce a customized fresh fruit kiosk to you and hope it can make sense to your business. Let’s view more details together.

Description about juice booth stand

From the design drawing, we can see the basic color is green with red and white ceiling for decoration. The counter top is in white and the body is wooden grain laminate. The size of this juice booth stand is 3m×3m, if you own a larger space, we can make a larger kiosk to match the location.

juice kiosk

This kiosk including working counter, display area, checkout table, storage cabinet, etc. We should also leave enough space to install machines and add sink for convenient usage. In the front wall are round light box painting to attracts more customers. We should also add light, our own brand logo to the kiosk, so that people can catch us at the first sight. Do you like this juice bar counter?

juice booth stand

How to get the customized kiosk?

  1. Confirm the color, size, layout you need for the kiosk
  2. Find a professional design team to draw the unique design to show you
  3. Check the design drawing and confirm it to fit for your location
  4. Choose an experienced manufacturer to production the booth stand according to the drawing.
  5. Delivery the goods to your address and use it

If you need such a customized kiosk, please feel free to contact us. We can help you design and production unique kiosks with high quality and best price. Thank you

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