Fresh fruit juice bar counter used in retail juice shop design

Juice has gradually become a part of our daily life. Especially in this hot summer, it is the era of hot selling of juice. In recent years, more and more people like freshly squeezed juices. Not only because they are very tasty, also because it has many benefits. They want a health life. They doesn’t want to drink some drinks with additives and fake juice. You can mix and match fruits and choose different flavors. Juice is rich in nutrients and vitamins, which can help detoxify, moisturize and whiten the skin, improve immunity and make your body healthier.So many people will choose have a cup of juice than coffee, because coffee long time drink not so good as juice.More and more fruit juice bar counter opened these few years.Here today I want to share you a nice fresh juice shop design. Let us see many details about it.

About thie juice bar:

As you can see, this juice shop is 5m by 8m. From the top view, you can see this juice shop inside layout very clearly. When you enter the shop, you will firstly see a big fruit juice bar counter, It is 3m by 3m on photo. Then left side against wall are some tables and chairs. Keep go inside will have some sofa and tables, customers can have food and juice here.

The all color of this juice bar is very harmonious. The all color is yellow, green, white, and brown. When you see this juice bar at a glance, the background color of the wall is yellow, and the juice bar counter is green as the main color, and then decorated with white, the yellow logo is inlaid on the white board. The top has a big ceiling,comes with illuminated logos and many backlit menusand there are multiple lockers inside. On left of the bar counter has a fruit showcase with shelves,can display fruits for customers to select. There are several lockers inside the juice bar, which can be used to store equipment and raw materials. Then you can see that the juice bar table is brown, while the sofa and chair are yellow and green. The cross of colors gives people a visual excitement and is very novel. In the innermost part, there are two storage and decorative cabinets of the same size and shape, which are used just right. The whole color setting is very fresh and comfortable.

Some detailed info for this juice bar:juice shop

  1. Size: 5m by 8m or what the size you need.
  2. Color: Lemon green and light yellow,nature wood color
  3. Materials: The bar counter basic material is plywood. The surface finished by green and white laminate and the countertop used white stone. Besides, the tables used wood veneer and the chairs use the solid wood and leather to make it.
  4. Production time: After we finished the design within 25 work days.

Do you like this juice shop design? If you want to have a shop design on this field, but you don’t know how to choose the right company and factory to make a design and make the furnitures. You can choose our company(Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd). We are not only a company, but also a factory. Our company have 11 years experience to design for different people and make different products. We can design for you according to your requirements and size. If you really want to open a juice shop. If you want to have some high quality furnitures, just feel free contact us, we can help you create design and make it.



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