Hello, everyone. Welcome to our website. You click into this article, i thought you might interested in our juice kiosk. So, you’re in the right place. As we all know, fruit juice is one of the most popular drinks nowdays.  Fruit belend into the juice, there are a varity of flavors a variety of collocation. People are unconsciously attracted to it, especially when there is a fruit flavor you like.

The hot season for the juice is in the summer. It is already April, and if you prepare now, you can make a killing when summer comes. And it is good time for you to develop your brand. As far as in know, there are a lot of people looking for kiosks to use in the mall every day. Because the mall has many people, and the environment is good. Some of them have their own ideas, some of them don’t, which require our advice. We can give you suggestions, and design a 3d picture for you. Take a look at the following example.

This kiosk is designed according to the size given by the customer’s mall and the customer’s ideas. When you want to make a kiosk in the mall, you have to sign with the mall to get a place, and then you can build a kiosk that you like based on the size of the location.

The above kiosk use wood color and green photograph are united in wedlock, give a person a kind of very healthy and clean feeling. As we all know, for the catering category, customers do pay attention to health and clean. So we need to catch the customer’s eye on the appearance of the kiosk. Then combined with our logo and the color we like. The front section is mainly the display area, where the kiosk owner can put his ready-made products where the custom can see them. The back section is working area where employees can make juice. Big sign in the front can show your logo and your product picture, then the customer can see what you are doing and what is your business.

If you also want to build your oen kiosk, you can tell me your requirements. We are a custom company, specializes in making mall kiosk for more than ten years. We know how to deisgn the kiosk you like and we can provie you the high quality products. Tell me the kiosk size you need, if you ahve your favorite kiosk picture, you can send me, we can according to your favorite style to design the similar. We will work with you to create your kiosk until you are satisfied. So if you have any questions, please contact us when you are free.


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