New finish lemon juice kiosk design juice showcase for sale

nowadays people like to open juice shop and selling juice when summer comes, but we find that there are many same juice in the market, such as bubble tea, milk tea, fruit juice and vegetable juice and  coffee. so there are will be less  profit as there has no competitive advantages, Today i will introduce new lemon juice kiosk to you. And hope it is help to someone who want to start a juice business.  

what is the effect of lemon?

1. Whitening and nourishing skin, 2. For those who suffer from  indigestion and loss of appetite, proper eat of lemon has a good effect on them. So lemon is not only useful to our body but also the lemon juice tea is taste.that is why many people like to eat it.   if most of us  sell the same juice, then the customer will get tired of this taste, and don’t want to drink and buy it. So as the shopkeeper, we need to keep innovating new flavors to meet the needs of consumers. lemon is loved  by most of us althought it is acid. But we can make different taste such as  honey lemon Tea,lemon Cola,Lemon Mint Iced Black Tea,different kinds fruit of lemon tea. So there are  dozens and hundreds about the lemon tea. Come on , it is enough kinds to start the lemon juice business.  



the inroduce of lemon juice kiosk.

The basic material is MDF with the surface finish baking paint. surface counter material is stone , so it is easily to clean.

Size 2.5*2.5*1m.

Color :white and green

Layout: it is a whole juice kiosk set with work counter, sink,logo, poster, lightbox. so when you receive it, all you prepare is that cashier, juice equipment, and lemon or other fruit, then you can  start  your business. What’s more , you can prepare some chairs for the people who want to have a sit . lemon juice kiosk lemon juice kiosk      

Here is the Feedback picture from our customer.

lemon juice kiosk  

Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780

email: sales03@uniquekiosk.com  

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