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Fresh fruit juice is very healthy for us. Many people start the juice kiosk in the shopping mall. If you want to make a fruit juice kiosk to start a business, hope this post can guide you on how to do it.

For a juice kiosk, you can use it to sell other foods, like bubble tea, smoothies, and snack. No matter what food you want to sell, we can make a suitable kiosk for you. First of all, let us see some details of this juice bar counter design.



Size: 10 x 18 ft or customize size.


Plywood with laminate, solid wood board, tiles decoration.

Logo: 3D acrylic hollow-out lighted logo.

Glass: 8mm tempered glass.


White color man-made stone.



After you get a location size in the shopping mall, please tell us the size. For the location size of a juice kiosk, you can discuss it with the shopping mall management. A good location is the first step to success. The beginning is the most difficult part. So after you get a good location, the rest of the parts are all easy.

In the next step, we need to make a customized 3D design of the juice kiosk. Our design team will make a new 3D design according to your location size and add your logo on the kiosk.


Discuss the details with our sales team – our design team makes the 3d design – 3 or 5 working days send it to you for review – discuss if need any changes – finalize the final 3D design – make the construction drawing for your final confirmation.



A whole set of juice kiosk is too big so we will divide into a few parts. But we will install a whole set in our factory and when you receive the juice kiosk, you can open all the packages and connect them together. And connect the male and female connector together to your power supply then it will work.

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