Stainless Steel Juice Kiosk Beverage Stall with Roof

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Stainless steel juice kiosks are very popular in the business plan, it has a strong structure and can use for many years. Today, I want to share a nice juice kiosk with you. It mainly uses in the shopping center to sell juice, fresh fruit, bubble tea, coffee, and so on.

Stainless steel juice kiosk design

This juice kiosk size is 3m by 2m, the size should be the same size as your location. It looks very attractive using wood color to make body and dark gray at the surface.

Front counter

The front counter mainly uses to display showcase equipment, checking bills, and topping bar. The showcase equipment is set near the entrance, glass panel with metal frame support on the top, which protects clients away from the food.

The cashier counter is set in the middle, the bottom area has a fridge in front. So that clients can get beverages directly. While behind it is space for the computer to a computer host. Next to it is the topping bar, we can also put the equipment on the counter.

juice kiosk

ice cream kioskBack wall shelf

The back wall has a wall shelf with multiple layers to place more items. The middle area has a slat wall display. While the bottom area has a locked cabinet. There are lightbox posters outside the wall showing new dishes and hot sale beverages. A brand logo can also attach to the back wall.

Ceiling decoration

This juice kiosk ceiling is not only for decoration but also attracts the eye’s attention. Spotlight and lightbox painting also hang to let people see them directly.

It is a customized juice kiosk, if you have any new ideas, we can add them to the juice kiosk. And can even make a 3D design drawing to show you the real effects.

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