Hot sale juice stand fresh juice kiosk customize food booth

Fresh juice is good for people’s health. I think nobody can resist the temptation of juice. Do you want to start a business to sell juice? We can help you to do a customize juice booth and make it exactly fit your business. Let us see some ideas for the juice bar kiosk as follow.




4 x 3 m or customize size.


Plywood with laminate, metal frame.

Countertop: Stainless steel.


Acrylic logo, lighted box, tiles wall, small bulb.




We can make a juice kiosk for you with the size and the logo you want. You can check our website for the design you want. If you want this style but want to make some changes, we can do it for you.

Our design team can make a new 3d model and make it with the size or the color you want and with other requirements. For a customize 3d juice kiosk design service, it charges a 300$ design deposit and our designer will send the 3d design in 3-5 working days. You can check the 3d design and see if need any changes.



We will install a whole juice kiosk in our factory. The factory will install the lights, logo, wires and sockets, all the accessories. We will leave the space for your equipment. Before we make the 3D design, you can send us your equipment list then we can leave the correct space for you. For the equipment of the juice kiosk, we will install the sockets for you to connect them.

When you receive the juice kiosk, please open all the packages and put them together. You can put them together according to the floor plan on the construction drawing. And then, connect the male and female connectors together to your local power supply then it will work.


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