Nowadays, electronic products’ demand is bigger and bigger. When you walked in the shopping center or business street, you can see there have many different types of phone service. computer and repair service. If you are interested to start your business in the mall. I have to say electronic product service is a very good choice.

Popular cell phone kiosk concepts

One of the popular and high sellers will be mobile phone services, as we know the demand for mobile phones is very big, Almost everyone has their own phone, or more. There are many brands of mobile phones, with different styles and configurations. At the same time, the upgrading speed of the mobile phone is also very fast, New models could be released in as little as three to five months.  because people always Like to keep up with the trend. It also speeds up how often we change our phones.

cell phone kiosk for sale

The second is mobile phone accessories and mobile phone repair services. you will notice phone case service is very popular, Not only does it protect the phone from harm,It’s also very creative. can DIY any images on it.

Here the one I wanna share is a very modern cell phone kiosk. it mainly for phone accessories and phone repair service. the mainly tone is white, match some red. you can see the whole kiosk no more display area, just three showcases to display phone case, the right side is a cashier counter.  at the back sides is a repair counter. you will notice the whole kiosk counter corner is arc shape. it’s very glossy and smooth, Avoid bumping into guests and staff.

cell phone kiosk design

Basic information about this cell phone kiosk: 

  •        Size: 4000X2000mm.
  •        Material: MDF. Tempered glass.,
  •        Color: white and red backing painting finished.
  •        Accessories: phone case, phone repair.

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested start your own phone kiosk project or more related design, pls direct contact us. thank you! 



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