Cell phone retail kiosk in the mall always has a very good business. More and more people choose to buy or change a cell phone in a shopping mall.  So, start a cell phone or electronic products retail kiosk in mall are very good business. Today, Unique will display a nice design cell phone retail shop.

The best character of this kiosk is cheap, cheap and cheap. If you need an affordable cell phone kiosk for your business. This kiosk concept is definitely best for you.  The black pylon will give your kiosk name outstanding in shopping all. While the unique corner display can make some special products at the most exposed in public.

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Unique Kiosk is a leading cell phone kiosk and electronic kiosk manufacturer. We design and manufacture kiosk according to customer requirement. As far as you can image. we can build it out for you. What’s more, all the kiosk, whether is difficult or easy are all an unbelievable low cost.

How are we pressing and packing the booth and furniture?

  •  The first step is Clear the item, from inside the cabinet to outside showcase.
  •  EPE Foam inward finished, all around the item. wrap it safe and tough.
  • Bubble froth each side ensured all the corner of the display counters are protected.
  • 10mm MDF with 18mm pressed wood outline containers.
  •  Paint the imprints on the wooden container.
  • All means are intended for safe insurance and long separation transportation.
  •  We will arrange shipment protection for all request, the protection is free.
  • In the event that any harm, we can guarantee from Insurance organization.
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