Pink color cosmetics store bar lovely style makeup station 

The beauty industry is one of the popular businesses and can bring a lot of profit. We suggest to start a cosmetic business if you have an idea about it. For a cosmetic store, we have to set up the display area and also need some mirror stations for the customers to try the products and see the effect.

This is a pink color cosmetics store bar lovely style makeup station design. We can make this style for you according to your location size and the layout you want. Let us check out the details of this cosmetic kiosk design.



The design brightlights of this cosmetic store is the makeup station in the middle of the shop. It is a polygonal shape mirror bar station. The customer can sit here and try the products they want. Meanwhile, you can offer a makeup service. It has a mirror in every corner with lamps. The design is beautiful and lovely and functional use.


If you also have an idea and want to make a cosmetic kiosk or a makeup bar station, we can make it for you. You can find a location in the middle of the shopping mall or a store location. The size of the cosmetic kiosk we can make it as your need and all can be customized. You can also send us if you have a logo.

A customized 3d design service will cost a 300USD design deposit. We will make a new 3d model for you and customize it according to your requirement. You can check the 3d design and let us know your idea if need any revisions. After you confirm the final 3d design you can send it to the mall for approval.

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