Fashion style cosmetics mall kiosk wooden shelf display booth

When we walk in the street, it is not difficult to find that most customers paint with exquisite makeup and look very attractive. For them, owing lots of cosmetics are their happiness and they are deeply loved to buy many cosmetics, which may be the most enjoyable thing for them.

According to this, we can see this industry is a big profitable market. If you want to start your cosmetic business, I would like to introduce a cosmetic kiosk for you. This is a fashion style cosmetics mall kiosk wooden shelf display booth design. Let us have a look together.



This is a cosmetics kiosk mainly for display cosmetics products. It has the wooden display shelf for you to put the cosmetics product. Under the display area also have the storage drawer. You can put something inside if you need. It has a pillar with a logo and an advertising TV. You can play the pictures or videos as you need.


Our design team can make customized cosmetics kiosk design to fit your business. We are a professional to make a 3d design in the kiosk industry. Anyway, the first step to start a cosmetics kiosk project is to make a customized 3d design. It will charge a 300 USD design fee. However, it has many people don’t want to pay the design fee.

The design fee is just a small part of the deposit for us to start this project. It is better for our cooperation and it is necessary. The revision service is free and we will provide suggestions to you. For you to better have an idea in mind.

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