Pink color candy kiosk shopping mall retail bulk food display stand

Sweet food can let people feel happy. When you feel sad, you can eat some sweet foods like candy, and chocolate. The consumption of sweet food can increase the level of serotonin in the human brain, which can make people calm, reduce impatience, bring more happiness, and make people feel happy.

If you want to start a business to sell sweet food, this article can help you a lot. We will introduce a pink color candy kiosk shopping mall retail bulk food display stand design to you.



The size of this pink color candy kiosk is 6250 x 1850mm. This is the size we customize for our customer. Normally, the customer needs to tell us the size of his location. But if do not have a location yet, we can also start the 3d design just to make it with a standard size.

It has a semicircle cashier counter at the front, with display shelf and a 3d hollow out lighted logo. At the back of this cashier counter, on both sides and the end are the candy display boxes. On each display shelf, we will install the led strip light so that the whole effect is more attractive.



For the material of this lovely candy kiosk, we will use MDF with pink color baking paint. We will use MDF material to make the wooden body. The logo is 3d hollow out lighted logo, the customer needs to provide the logo source file to us.

We can also offer the candy box to you if you need it. You can send me the style you want or we can send some for your reference. The candy box can be customized. The bottom of the candy kiosk has a stainless steel toe kick to protect the bottom.

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