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As a retail kiosk manufacturer and supplier, we can tell you the candy business is very popular, In addition, we have made many candy kiosks or candy shop furniture for our customers all over the world.  They tell us their ideas and the size of the kiosk needed, and then we help them design the new kiosk according to their needs.  The following is a candy kiosk of the new design, I will introduce it to you.

candy kiosk

Design story

This is a new candy kiosk design style we design according to our client’s requirements, apart from the single booth, we add some beautiful lollipops as decorations, which looks more attractive. At the same time, we design a water machine for him, because he told me he want a place to provide water for their customers.

Material introduction

This candy kiosk material is MDF and baking paint finish. The counter table material is a man-made stone, which is smooth and easy to clean. The kiosk has many acrylic boxes for you to put the candy, but if you need this style of kiosk. Finally, the price does not include the box, you need to pay extra money to buy it.

candy kiosk

The counter surface has the logo and lollipop figure. At the bottom, we can see the luminous light and the stainless steel skirting area. The candy kiosk size is 3*2m we can also customize your size. On the left side, we can see the cashier register.

candy kiosk

The order process

The design is the first step for a shop or business kiosk, so we need to confirm the design of your kiosk, you also need to pay the design fee. Secondly, we will send you the photo we design according to your needs and the construction drawing for your review. Finally, we will arrange the manufacturing after you pay half the kiosk cost, and then if you pay the balance, we will arrange the shipping for you.

Welcome to send us an inquiry if you need a candy kiosk

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