Modern style snack display booth wooden candy kiosk for sale

It is an essential nutrient for the human body. Which is immediately converted into carbohydrates after being absorbed by the body and provides energy for the body. Moderate intake, grasp the timing of delicious sugar, is beneficial to the human body.

If you have a small budget but want to start a food business, you can make a candy kiosk to start a business. This is a modern style snack display booth wooden candy kiosk for sale. Let us have a look together.



This candy kiosk with Sapphire blue color and gold stainless steel color. It is a very high-end design and the size we can customize it with the location you get from the shopping mall. The top has diamond-shaped lights very beautiful and attractive.

The bottom has many storage drawers so that you can put some inventory as you like. For the display area also has spotlights to light up the products. It hangs on the logo at the top of the display area.


Our design team can make a customized candy kiosk design for you. Please kindly let me know the size of your location and your logo. We will make a new 3d candy kiosk design with the size and the logo you want. This is a very crucial step to start a kiosk project in the shopping mall.

A customized 3d candy kiosk design will charge a 300USD design deposit. When you finalize the final 3d design and order the kiosk, we will deduct it from the total cost. So in fact, this is only a small part of the deposit for the candy kiosk.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help for the candy kiosk.

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