Photos belong to the “world language”. Humans have various languages and characters. Only photos are the common “language” of mankind. The advantage of photos is that they are intuitive and record the objective world. Basically, all mobile phones now have a camera function, which can help us keep all the good moments, record our growth or the time we spend with family and friends. However, photos stored in mobile phones are not insurable, and it is difficult to keep them for decades. Because we will change phones, sometimes we will delete some photos if there is not enough memory.
In order to keep our precious photos forever, many people choose to print them out. The printed photos are physical, we can hang them on the wall at home, or make a photo album and photo frame so that they will not disappear. Therefore, photo printing is one of the more popular businesses. Today I want to introduce you to the photo printing station. It can use in the mall or street.

Photo Printing Station Details

We can put some finished photos on our station. In addition to printing photos for customers, we can also provide photo frames. This station is composed of two parts, one is a car-shaped cabinet, and the other is an ordinary glass display cabinet with a cash register. Our machine can be placed in the cabinet next to the cash register.

There are light strips installed inside the car, and some good finished products can be displayed inside to attract the attention of customers. In the car, we can also put our logo on it, which will look more professional.



Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: Tempered glass

Logo: Stucker

Color: Black

Others: Led light, stainless steel toe kick


Display Stand

Special or beautiful things can always attract people’s attention, even when we do business. If our products are not particularly attractive, we can start from the showcase. We all know that wooden furniture can be customized, we can first make a design according to our size and requirements. Through the design, we can know what the display stand looks like, its color matching, and display effect. If the design meets our requirements, we can prepare for production.

Production is carried out completely in accordance with the design drawings, regardless of their size, shape, or color. Our production time is about 28 working days. After the production is completed, we will send you a detailed picture or video.

How to start the display stand project?

For the display stand, we must choose some stand that suits our business and size. It is difficult for us to buy ready-made products that fully meet our ideas, so we need to make a design first. Design is the first and most important step. Only after designing can we confirm more details. We can see the color scheme or lighting effect of the design, we can modify it if we are not satisfied. After confirming the design, it can be produced.
If you want to use it in a mall, we also need to submit the design to the mall for review. Our stand design fee is 300USD, and the design time is 2-3 working days. It allows modification, and we will also help you get a store review. If you want to start your stand in the mall, we can start with the design. Tell us your location size idea. Then we can start.


Payment term:  50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment

Payment method: TT wire transfer, Western Union, and Trade assurance


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