Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Regarding games, most people think of its disadvantages. But in fact, games are also a kind of puzzle. As long as they control the time and use the game console correctly, then the game is also good for people. Because play opportunities allow children to think about problems on their own, it will also improve children’s intelligence. As long as the child’s use time is reasonably arranged, this is also feasible.

Although mobile phones can also play games, but for children. Game consoles are more suitable for them. If you plan to sell game consoles, I suggest you start a kiosk first. Because this kind of kiosk is very suitable for the first business. The cost is relatively low compared to opening a shop.

Mall Kiosk & Glass Showcase

You can see the mall kiosk that we will use MDF as a main material. Because it is easy to shape and the surface we use the baking paint. You can see the whole kiosk is bright and smooth. It is easy to make the good looking and it will give the good impression for customer. And it also can increase the sales volume. In this way, you can get more profits.

Layout of the Kiosk

You can see that the main shape of this kiosk is the shape of a game console. Start the introduction from the door. There is a board on the door. In this case, you can also put things aside. To the right of the door is a round light box, followed by a glass display cabinet. It’s actually the cash register.


Opposite the door is a glass display. This kind of glass display cabinet can be taken from the outside. Of course, if you want to take it from inside, we can also customize it for you.
The right side of the door is also composed of a glass display and a cash register. There is also a cabinet inside the kiosk, which is also convenient for storing items.

Production Steps

The production process include 4 steps. First step is to make the wooden cabinet. During the step, we will reserve the place of the electric wires, sockets, logo, light box and so on. After wooden cabinet, we need to polish the surface and make the kiosk more smooth. Polish will do the baking paint easily. During the baking paint, we need to do the 4 primers firstly, then we can do the 2 baking paints. Red baking paint firstly, white baking paint firstly.

Final step is to install the accessories like the logo,sockets, light strip, locks and so on.

How to Make New Design?

We have a professional design team, and can customize new one according to your needs. You can tell us all of your needs for the kiosk. Our designer will display all of your needs on the 3d design. Then you can see the whole effect for the kiosk with your ideas. If there are any modification, we will assist you modify it. And we also assist you get the approval from the mall.

How to Pack it?

The package include 2 steps. One is to make the outside package which is made into MDF. If you want to customize the wooden box, we also can help you do it. Then we need to do the interior package. We use the EPE-foam to pack the edge and corner of the wooden cabinet, and use the film to pack it.


We pack it into several parts. When you receive the kiosk, just put these together and connect the wire. The kiosk can work.


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