In recent years, more and more people are eager to beautify themselves. They usually do skin management in beauty salons, not only this, they also focus on body management. People go to the fitness room to keep them slim and beautiful. If you see this chance and want to start your business. I can introduce to a fitness equipment kiosk for your reference.

Design idea

One day, a customer asked us”do we have some solution to a fitness equipment kiosk?” Our answer is, of course. As a factory with 14 years of experience, we have been dedicated to customizing the unique kiosk and shop. According to its specific requirement, (innovative and attractive) and go though several modifications, this kiosk has finished.

The layout of fitness equipment kiosk

Item name:  fitness equipment kiosk

Color:yellow ,deep grey,black color

Style: innovative and mordern

Function: display product

Advantage:, rainproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-exposure,

Main material: MDF, Plywood, stainless steel frame,tempered glass

Design time: 2-3 business days

Production time:22-25working days

Payment terms: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.

We can see in this picture, the main tone of kiosk is deep grey, black and yellow. This contrast is very special. On the left side, there is a yellow glass cabinet with three-layers. You can display as many commodities as possible with various dimensions. Each display shelf will have led lights showing above to ensure every piece of the product gets exposed.

On the top of the cabinet, there is a deep grey area with a luminous logo, which looks more catchy. Moreover, behind the cabinet, there is another display stand with a drawer. It allows you to put something not so big. There is a black area for advertisements. You are able to show your main product with a spokesman.From the other side. We could see there are three cylinder shelves. You can hang some small equipment.

On its leaf, we can see a shelf with a hook. You could display the barbell. Don’t worry that it can’t hold that. It is built of stainless steel and stronger enough.


We can see in the picture, there is a board with a showy wall sticker. It combines with some letters and patterns, which blends in the whole style. About the floor, we can also provide it for you. This floor with some wooden grain is the most common decoration of kiosk. Because it is easy to clean and beautiful, which is deeply loved by people.



In this kiosk, we adopt some different materials to make it attractive. It includes MDF,plywood, tempered glass and so on. But the main body is constructed by MDF.It is very common furniture materials in the market. And it is very easy to make it in a special shape. The surface matches baking painting, it’s very smooth and glossy, making it high-end.The surface of this kiosk is bake in yellow.The effect looks more shiny in the design.

How to design

First, you need to tell us your specific requirements, including your size, logo, favorable color and so on. We can customize it for you.

Second, for the customized 3d design of this kiosk, it charges 300$ design deposit. The design deposit is a small part of the total cost and will be deducted from the total cost when you order.

And then, if you have any modification, we will assist you modify it to help you get approval from the mall. The design will cost 3-7days, the early you pay the design fee, the early we can produce.


When we finish the design, the workers will be in strict accordance with the requirement. The first work is to produce a wooden display. After that, we need to polish and smoothen its surface, which will easily put the baking paint in the next step and make it look more glossy. Finally, we will install the whole complete, including tempered glass gate, light strips and door head.

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