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photo print kiosk

Do you want to customize the cup? With the fast development of technique, people more like unique things. It’s a good idea to open a cup kiosk in the shopping mall and provide photo print service. I am sure that you will have a great business, because people can have unique cups, or they can give them to lovers as a gift.

Information of cup kiosk design

This cup kiosk size is 3m by 2m, you can also make other sizes based on rent size. If it’s your first business, you can draw a layout plan to arrange every space. Our designer can also draw a 3D design to show you the real effects. This cup kiosk includes a cup display cabinet, work table, storage cabinet, brand logo wall, etc.

custoimize cup kioskGlass wall display cabinet

There is a wall display cabinet facing the public, clients can see and purchase the cups. Inside has storage cabinets with different levels of the counter table. Two sides have brand logos in yellow and white color.

Worktable counter

We can see in the front area ahs a cashier register on one side, near it, is a working bench with computers and printers. Outside has two screens connected to the computer, so clients can send their photos here to add to the cup. It’s very convenient to operate.

cup kiosk boothBrand logo and posters

The rest two sides look like an L shape counter with a curved corner. In the middle has a glass showcase to show cups and on the surface has a brand logo and name.

It has a patterned sticker decoration as the background of the logo. And there is also a poster decoration on the entrance door, which is very fascinating. If you are looking for unique mall kiosks, please don’t miss this design. We can even customize it for you.

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