Outdoor Convenience Store Fast Food Booth Stand for Sale

food kiosk booth

Do you plan to open a convenient shop outdoors? Recently, we can see retail food and newspaper kiosks in the street. Clients can buy food on the way to work or hang on with friends. An eye-catching retail kiosk makes clients find you at first sight. Here is a nice convenience store sharing with you.

Information of convenience store

This convenience store has a sales window, an advertising area, wall cabinets, a cashier counter, etc. Inside can place books, snacks, candies, books, and newspapers. Beverage equipment also stands here near the entrance.

retail outdoor kioskColor show

The main color is yellow with light blue decoration, which looks bright and outstanding. We can see there are lighting lamps under the display countertop, that makes poeple notice you even at night. And they can also purchase ice creams here.

Material show

As this kiosk is set outdoors, we have to use fireproof, rainproof, and durable materials to build. The main material of the food kiosk is a metal with a plywood body, that is stable enough. The surface material is the aluminum composite panel. Other materials include canopy, PVC floor, wood shelving, brand sign, and lighting.

food kioskLayout decoration

From the outside view, there is a whole wall ads. that reminds people of your business. It also has full-column lighting on the side. There is a candy stand set in the corner.

Inside has wall display shelving and wall cabinet to show products for sale. The cashier counter is set in the front area. Besides, the salesperson has a workspace and the refrigerator can place inside and locked at night.

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