Colorful Pink Photo Taking Kiosk Modern Service Booth for Sale

photo taking kiosk

Everyone likes to take photos and record the beautiful moment. However, not everyone can take good-looking photos. So opening a photography shop in a mall is a very good idea. You can provide makeup, styling, and photography services, and you can also provide venues where people can take their own photos. Today, I want to share a nice photo studio booth with you.

Introduction of the photo-taking kiosk

This photo-taking kiosk has a large location, includes a large reception area, service area, and workstations. You can rent a location size 6m by 3m to start a business. The main color is pink, looks lovely and cute, very suitable for building an online celebrity shop. Material includes MDF with baking paint, lighting boxes, stainless steel, mirror, lighting, leather, etc.

beautiful service kioskReception counter

There is a curved reception counter in one corner, mainly used to serve poeple and guide them to select suitable services and projects.

Curved service area with models

We can see there is a large curved counter in the center. Clients can also sit down here to learn more information. The is a large balloon model on the top, that looks attractive and makes your shop outstanding.

photo printing boothWorking stations

There is an L shape corner display on one side, people can accept make-up service and styling service here. It has a mirror surrounded by bubble lights. The lighting box can set the outside area, with make-up products models. The brand logo is also attached to the brand logo.

Photo taking area

There is a photo-taking area set on another side. Clients can help themselves here and take beautiful photos.

Real effect show

This photo-taking is outstanding in the shopping mall. If you plan to open a photo shop, don’t miss this style.

photo booth in mall service kiosk

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