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The slat wall cabinet is useful in all kinds of business, such as mobile phone cases, accessories, sunglasses, and boutiques. You can also add slat wall display in the cosmetic shop, retail store, snack store, etc. Today, I want to share a mall kiosk with you. You can use it for business.

Information of boutique kiosk

This boutique kiosk fit for a location of 3m by 2m, looks like a shop that clients can enter into the shop. It has 4 display cabinets in total. Including an L shape service center, 2 double-sided slat wall displays, and 1 advertising stand in the corner. They work together to show products and enhance your brand.

smart phone kioskL shape reception counter

There is an L-style reception counter in the corner. The hollow-out brand name in red color is attached to it, which reminds people of your brand. So that will leave a deep impression.

Double-sided slat wall display

The double-sided wall cabinets set another lease side. It has a full length of slat wall with hooks to hang products. While the bottom has sliding draws to store goods for sale. Signage adds at the top to guide people to choose their products. It’s a good idea to add open shelving to hold items. Besides, you can use the outer wall to attach the brand logo.

mobile phone kioskCorner adverting stand

When those two slat wall cabinets are put together, there is a square gap in the corner. So we can add individual sand here to put up advertising. Booth light box painting, brand name, and TV player can be set here.


This mall kiosk has brown wood flooring. You can hide wires to keep your kiosk clean. If you have any needs for kiosk decoration, please contact us. We can customize it for you.

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