White Color Mattress Display Cabinet Exhibition Booth

display boothMattresses, sheets, duvet covers, and other beddings are what we need every day. It’s a good idea to rent a location in the shopping mall and start a business. You can gain customers and can also promote your brand. Today, I want to share a nice mattress exhibition booth with you.

Mattress exhibition booth

This mattress exhibition booth for show all mattress, bedding items like sheets, duvet covers. It includes wall cabinets, display shelves, service tables, and brand logos. The mattress exhibition size is 3m by 2m. The main color is white with rose red decoration, which looks very luxurious and attractive.

exhibition boothWall cabinets

There is a high wall behind, it is good to place wall cabinets. Products can place here so that clients can view and touch them. On the top has a TV player to show video advertising. While the bottom has lock cabinets for storage. The left wall has a large poster to let people know you better.

Display shelves

The corner has metal display selves, which increase the showcase area. Near the entrance is the display counter, which has a two-layer display counter. The bottom area has lock cabinets for storage.

service boothReception counter

The reception counter is set in the front. It is decorated by a rose-red U-shaped decoration with a light strip on the side. Upon rose-red frame has a white counter with a logo in the middle. Behind are lock cabinets and drawers. You can place a POS system here to check bills.

Brand logo wall

You can attach the brand logo to the top ceiling, which clients can see it from 4 sides. When they are in need, they will buy mattresses from you

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