Pharmacy Store Display Furniture Retail Slat Wall Stand Design

Hello friend, are you looking for pharmacy store display furniture? Pharmacy shop becomes more and more popular in recent years as people care about their body health. We recently make many pharmacy store display furniture, you can choose a suitable style for your store. Today, I want to share a nice slat wall stand with you. It can use not only in pharmacy stores but also in cell phone stores, food stores, salon stores, and retail shops.

White slat wall stand in pharmacy store display

phone display standThis white display stands mainly used near the entrance of the store. We can hang products here so that clients can help themselves.

Introduction of the display stand:

The size of the display stand is 1100*350mm*1900mm, match to the entrance wall area. The display stand body is slat wall plate, the bottom is locked drawers for storage. Which increases the display showcase area.

Color introduction:

The main color is white, match the shop decoration. We can also use other colors as a finish.

Material description:

The main material we use is plywood, which has the characteristics of high strength, strong bearing capacity, and not easy to bend. The surface material is laminate, it has bright colors, various forms of edge banding, and has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, high-temperature resistance, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, non-fading, and delicate touch. Other material includes an aluminum groove, stainless steel, lock, etc.

How to get a pharmacy store display?

slat wall displayConfirm pharmacy store display design

Nearly everyone requires modern and impressive pharmacy shop furniture. We should discuss shop decoration and display showcase design. Then make a 3D design to show the details. You can check the drawing and confirm it as the final design. Besides, the brand name is allowed to add to the kiosk to leave a deep impression on people. Design service needs 300usd and will send you design drawing within 5 days.

Produce pharmacy display step by step

Production is following the design drawing, so we have to check the design drawing carefully. The first step is to make a wood body, it needs about 5-7 days. The second step is to make a slat wall body, this step needs about 3-5 days. The third step is to laminate the finish in white color. We will use glue to attach the laminate to the surface. The last step is to assemble the cabinet door. So total production time is about 15-18 days. If you own a large shop, it should be more time.

Package well for shipment

We will take finished photos for your confirmation. If you think it’s ok to ship, we can package it well and send it to you. The inner packaging is protective cotton, corner guard, and Air Bubble Film. The outer packaging is a wooden box, and the middle is filled with foam to avoid movement.

Install it inside the pharmacy store

When the shop owner receives the goods, they should repack them and place them in the pharmacy shop and can use it. The goods are delivered as a whole, so everything is fixed in our factory.

More information about slat wall display

How much for one?

We usually produce together with all the furniture in the shop. If you only need one, the price is about 760usd. You can list all the furniture you need or send us a floor plan, we can check the total cost.

Where is the display being built?

The goods are made in China, and ship to the destination port in your country.

When you need any information, please feel free to send us an inquiry. We are online and ready to help. Thank you

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