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Are you going to open a pharmacy store but don’t know how to start? If you planning to open a medicine shop, the important thing is the store display furniture except for the shop location. After you get the location of the store, the next step is to purchase the shop furniture.

Our company has a lot of styles of the pharmacy store display showcase for you to choose. You can browse on our website for some medicine shop design. Meanwhile, you can contact us and we will send more pharmacy store display stands to you with the price for your reference.


Tips for the design of the pharmacy shop front

For the shop front of the pharmacy store, we need to make it like a pharmacy. We need to let the customer know this is a pharmacy shop while they walk through.

The store front can make with your logo on it, the logo suggest to make it lighted. So that we can let the customer find your pharmacy store easily on the night. If the logo not lighted, on the light it is dark. Make a lighted logo on the store front is more attractive and beautiful.


The material of the pharmacy shop display furniture:

MDF with baking paint.

The size of the pharmacy store showcase:

1200 x 300 x 1400 mm and high cabinet 1200 x 300 x 2000 mm.

The glass of the medicine shop fixtures:

8mm tempered glass.

Pharmacy store display showcase design

The pharmacy shop usually need to put the furniture like cashier counter, display shelves, wall cabinets and glass display showcases.

Cashier counter

On the left design, we can see two people are doing the payment on the cashier counter. The design shows a long cashier counter with a few stations. For the size of this cashier counter, the length is about 4m and width 600mm, the height make 900mm is perfect. It can fit 3-4 staff to work here.

Glass display stand

The black display stand with glass shelves on the design also a good design for the pharmacy store. It is a small size but can display many products, with 3 glass shelves on both sides. Below of the glass shelves has 2 baskets to put some product like swab is good.


Shelves display showcase

In the middle of the pharmacy store, we usually put some small cabinets. We can see from the design, they are round shape design display stands. The color is green color and white color. The green pharmacy display stand has 3 wooden display shelves. And the white medicine shop display showcase has 4 wooden display shelves. The white one is longer and different design than the green one.

On the design, the below does not have the cabinet. But we can make the cabinet under for you to storage something inside. And we will install the same lock with key for them if you want. But for the store, because you will close the whole shop in the night, so we do not need the lock is also good.


Wall display cabinet

On the 3d design of the pharmacy shop, it has a long wall display showcase with the glass display shelves. This long wall display cabinet we will make in a few parts. Because a whole set is too long.

Production details

On each of the glass display shelves, we can add the led strip light for you if you want. And the showcase material will use MDF with baking paint. The color you can choose whatever you want. We will send the pantone color sample for you to choose the color.

Before we start the production, we will make and send the whole set shop layout and detailed construction drawing to you. After we confirm all the details, we will send the drawings to the factory and start the production.

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